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Where some pixie dust and training can make your dreams for a well-trained dog come true

Meet the Trainer

Miranda Genetti was a member of the Pennsylvania National Guard, and was discharged as a disabled Veteran. Due to her injury, she became a certified dog trainer in May of 2016 with the help of the VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation program. She has competed in American Kennel Club (AKC) conformation dog shows from the age of 9 to the present with her own Miniature American Eskimo and Belgian Malinois, as well as showing other breeds for professional handlers. While at the Purina National Dog Show, she won Best of Breed two years in a row, showing on television for Thanksgiving Day. She is currently competing with her Belgian Malinois, who has titles in Rally and obedience and points to her championship. Miranda also trains dogs for scent detection, evidence recovery, and agility. She is able to teach all aspects of dog sports and is a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluator. With all of her dog training experience, she is working to train service dogs that comply to the ADA and ADI guidelines.

Our Formula



Any behavior your dog acts out must have a consequence within 1.3 seconds in order for your dog to associate their behavior with the consequence, whether positive or negative. After consistent training, when you mark “good,” your dog will keep doing what they’re doing until they get a reward, and when you mark “no,” your dog will stop in their tracks because they’re expecting a correction.



Positive motivation and rewards are anything your dog likes. Rewards must be physical, since praising your dog is not enough. However, a small treat or petting your dog can go a long way. Negative motivation is something you dog doesn’t like. Trainers call the delivery of negative stimulation a “correction” from an approved training collar.



Consistency is the key ingredient to clean communication between you and your dog. That means promptly reacting the same way every time to any significant behavior your dog acts out. Rules must be black and white for your dog. If you are inconsistent, your dog will test the rules more often to try and figure out when they can and can’t get away with things.


Trainer Background

Miranda Genetti graduated first and top of her class at the Tom Rose School for professional dog trainers. Previously in the dog arena doing conformation, rally, obedience, and agility. She has been seen before on TV for the Purina National Championship with her own dogs.

Choose The Right Training

Owning a dog is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences. Training is one of the most important things you can do to establish and build a long-term positive relationship between you and your dog. Neverland K-9 Institute has multiple training programs designed to maximize the relationship between you and your dog.

In Kennel Training

Have your pet stay with us and receive daily training sessions with a professional trainer. The average stay for dogs young and old is two weeks. You will have a private lesson with the trainer at the end of the stay so the trainer can teach you how to effectively communicate and be consistent with your dog at home. We will also schedule a follow up private lesson for you to help solve any issues once you get home.

2 weeks of in kennel training $1000 includes boarding

Day Training

Drop you dog off in the morning, the dog will receive training sessions throughout the day, then pick up your tired pup in the evening. Great for owners who want the consistency of daily training but want to have their dog home every night. You will have one private lesson at the end of each week with the trainer so they can show you what your dog has learned and so you can continue to be consistent at home.

Day Training $250 per week

Private Lessons/Competition Training

Private lessons give you one-on-one attention with a professional dog trainer. You can work on basic or advanced obedience and also competition training in the AKC.

1 hour private lesson: $75.00 | 5 lessons: $325.00

In Home Lessons

Have the trainer do the traveling so you don’t have to. Your trainer will work with you and your dog in everyday scenarios that may be giving you and your best friend problems.

1 hour session $120.00 | 5 sessions $525.00

Service Dog Training

Will be done and evaluated on a case by case basis. Training dogs for Diabetic alert, Veterans, and Mobility to name a few. Will create a customized training program for you and your dog with all the necessary skills in order to mitigate your disability. There are four parts in Service Dog training: basic obedience, advanced obedience, skills training, and public access training. Please contact us directly to get more information and an application. Willing to help train your own dogs if it meets service dog criteria, selecting a dog already in our program.

Photo Gallery


My fiancé and I adopted a Rottweiler from a shelter back in March. Due to the untimely circumstances of having to put down my 18 year old beagle the day before we were to bring Bella home, Bella and I got off to a rocky start. My fiancé and I reached out to Miranda to get some help in disciplining Bella. Miranda did a great job assessing Bella’s potential and was very honest with us that Bella required training, but the tips and tricks she taught us were very simple and easy to put into practice at home. With consistency, Bella has become such a great addition to our home. We practice with Bella every day and we want to extend our thanks to Miranda! She took a sad experience and turned it into a positive one with her training expertise and guidance. Bella and I are now best buddies and certainly can’t imagine a life without her. Thank you Neverland K-9 Institute!

Jill H.

Miranda, I always wanted to tell you how much we appreciate all the help and advice you gave us in training Phebe. Even the move to Santa Fe didn’t destroy all the work and attention that we and you put into her training. Thank you!

Happy Customer

Miranda is very honest and will not just “tell you what you want to hear”
Her talent and knowledge is just exceptional !
From basic obedience to training a service pup for your child if has medical needs and dog can sense and alert to say just a smidgen …..
I’m just so pleased and will take my next puppy to her! As I also tell all of my friends or anyone who needs her expertise.


Nederland K-9 Institute is a Very Top Notch Dog Training with Owner Miranda Genetti. She herself has excellent degrees in field which spans in MANY areas ! Her expertise is the Best and you cannot find better. Her beautiful dog Elsa is amazing in what she can do and what Miranda has taught her….. amazing! I have personally had Miranda train my daughter’s 2 year old Siberia Husky. … cannot say enough ….. Tremendous!!!


Thank you so much for coming to our home and helping us with Rosie. We are so happy she is now walking on a leash and she even went on a 2-mile walk with us today without stopping and just laying there. We could not be happier with our transformed dog.

Sandy and Jon

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